philippa starns

Professional Female Voiceover


– “Philippa Starns was our speaker for the synthetic voice Prudence in our research project SEMAINE. The work involved speaking hundreds of meaningless sentences from the Wikipedia, many of which contained difficult-to-pronounce words, in a highly consistent tone. Philippa was a pleasure to work with. She was always 100% concentrated, managed the difficult pronounciations exceptionally well, and had no difficulties maintaining a consistent speaking style throughout the recordings. We are very happy with Philippa and would like to work with her again should the opportunity arise”. – Dr. Marc Schröder, German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI GmbH)
– “An easy talent to work with. Met all of the requirements and delivered a superb read. Encourage all to use her services”- Brian Fleming
– “Thanks for the amazing job….. I think it was perfect” – Justin Bunnell
– “Philippa Starns  –  English female voice-over artist with many years experience in radio presenting, production and audio broadcasting” – Alex Shelton

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